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  • The End of Ownership

    The End of Ownership

    57% of international adults wish they could own less “stuff”. The era of ownership seems to be dying, and it puts the traditional concepts of materialism and consumerism into disarray. However, a whole new influx of subscription-based business models, utilizing the huge potential of not owning, shows us what benefits we may ultimately gain from sharing more collectively.

  • COVID-19 X Environment

    COVID-19 X Environment

    Universities and schools are closed, companies encourage their employees to work from home, flights are canceled, and we are all told to stay at home and avoid contact. This is all caused by the little particle called COVID-19, also known as the corona-virus [...] but might it come with some unforeseen benefits?
  • How Furniture Affects Us and the Planet

    How Furniture Affects Us and the Planet

    According to Zion Market Research, the global furniture market, which was valued at around USD 331.21 billion in 2017, is expected to reach approximately USD 472.30 billion by 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate of around 5.2% between 2018 and 2024.
  • How Important Is the Office to a Startup?

    How Important Is the Office to a Startup?

    Every second, three new startups launch in the world. Sounds crazy, but those are the stats. Mathematically speaking, that’s about 11,000 per hour or 259,200 per day. When it comes to the factors that influence the overall productivity in your startup, much research shows that one cannot neglect the importance of a suitable work environment.

  • Sustainability in the Office Environment

    Sustainability in the Office Environment

    Creating a sustainable workplace doesn’t have to become a huge and cumbersome task, as there are countless ways companies can make a difference without spending a lot of time or money.
  • Project Examples

    Project Examples

    OMNI delivers your subscription office furniture within four weeks and gets you set up in a day. We partnered with over 20 amazing brands to ensure the circulation of top-quality products and designs. We can save you 200+ hours of hassle and still beat the price of moving into a co-working space. See some examples here.
  • Why Landlords Should Offer Flexible Seating

    Why Landlords Should Offer Flexible Seating

    22% of all office space will be flexible by 2030. The market for furnished flexible office spaces will be worth $174 billion by 2030 in Europe and North America alone. Reports confirm that flexible office spaces in commercial buildings increase real-estate value.
  • Distilling Furniture With Moebe

    Distilling Furniture With Moebe

    Starting a startup and turning it into a successful business is a dream for many, but the reality is that, of those who even dare to attempt it, most fail. So, how does our partner, Moebe, a young Danish furniture company slip through the all-too-known obstacles that kill the dreams of many carpenters and furniture designers? We went to visit the three founders to extract some answers.

  • Exploring Timeless Design With Norm Architects

    Exploring Timeless Design With Norm Architects

    Norm Architects has recently redesigned and revitalized our beautiful collection of Labofa Heritage office chairs, and they get a lot of admiration, so we decided to do a piece on this wonderful Danish design studio that keeps insisting on striving for aesthetic excellence beyond present trends.
  • Corti Case Study

    Corti Case Study

    Learn why a tech startup would choose to prioritize creating a beautiful office environment — and how easily it can be achieved with “Furniture as a Service”.
    “People stay much longer and invite their friends and family to see the office, because they are proud of where they work. When stakeholders and new candidates come to visit, they are always completely stunned by our space.”
  • Disrupting the Office Furniture Industry

    Disrupting the Office Furniture Industry

    "By redefining the development and consumption of material things in terms of quality, accessibility, and state of being, we may usher in a new era, in which experience-focused products will dominate our purchase patterns."
    Meet the access economy startup that is making the billion dollar office furniture industry stop and pay attention.

  • How to Set Up Your Office

    How to Set Up Your Office

    Workstations? Check! Internet? Check! Make-do furnishing and the odd plant? Check! Now, you might be good to go. But not to fly. Take a step back. Rethink that entire process.  Consider your office as a strategic tool for growth. Everything that takes place between those walls will determine the success of your company. Should it not be designed to reflect this?

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